Marked Vehicle Mobile Patrol

Our Mobile Patrol service provides mobile patrol vehicles that are 4×4, fuel efficient hybrid, newer model SUVs, equipped to handle all adverse weather conditions and are equipped with emergency lighting, PTT-PoC radio dispatch, global positioning systems, interior and exterior cameras and comprehensive technology to record and document all activity.

Why is it important?

Hiring the Worcester Marked Vehicle Mobile Patrol service is important for a variety of reasons. Firstly, it provides a highly visible deterrent to criminal activity, as the presence of a marked vehicle patrolling the area can discourage potential criminals from targeting a property or area.

Secondly, the mobile patrol service offers a higher level of flexibility and coverage, as the patrol officers can cover a wider area, including remote locations that are not easily accessible by foot. Additionally, the patrol officers can quickly respond to any incidents or suspicious activity, as they are equipped with communication devices to keep in contact with the monitoring center and local law enforcement.

Another important aspect of hiring the Worcester Marked Vehicle Mobile Patrol service is its ability to provide a quick response to any security incidents. It can detect and respond to security threats more effectively and efficiently. It also helps to minimize the potential damage and loss by quickly identifying and addressing any security breaches.